Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

It's the eve of the new year. Next year, 2012, is certainly something to wonder about. I'm not thinking too much at the moment. I just woke. I spent most of my night I always do. Insomnia has been pretty much my life long companion. Anyway, my point is, I'm all thunked out.

I'm sitting in my living room with my iPad and coffee. I've got my feet up on the ottoman and feel relaxed. Its a dreary day outside. The dusting of snow we had melted yesterday. Bill is lounging on the sofa with his iPad and playing some flying game. It makes my laugh as I watch him tilt it this way and that. Leyla is curled up in the bathroom sink, sleeping. She loves it there. And in the time it took me to type this bloody paragraph I have completely forgotten what I was going to type next. Insomnia? Perhaps. Menopause? Maybe. The fact that I'm 50? No f'n way. (please note I'm not spelling the word out...the one that starts with f. But also please note, if I was speaking with you directly I'd just be saying it.) If someone reads this I'd like their opinion on swearing in a blog please...Ta much!

In a little while I'm going to get onto my yoga mat and enjoy an asana and meditation yoga practice. Then we are off to get seafood for our New Years Eve dinner; sea scallops, prawns and crab legs. We were going to get lobster but we forgot to order them and the only place we know to get them at a good price is way on the other side of Toronto.

This past week, having time off from work has been good. I had many things planned and did none of of them. I wanted to update my resume, invite a co-worker over for a visit, buy a baby gift for friends of mine in Harpenden, UK who just had a wee boy whom they named Robin David. (congrats again to dear Jen, Kev and darling Willow (Robin's sister). I miss you all very much! But I did relax. I had naps sometimes. I read loads. I worked out and did yoga. And I received, in the mail, my passing mark and my diploma for the WSET Fundamentals In Wine course. And this past week I started to blog. Oh! And wonder of wonders, I did the dishes after almost every meal! (new house with no dishwasher...renovating...waiting for renovations to be completed before installing new dishwasher) I despise washing dishes by hand for a few reasons which are a worthy of a blog on their own.

Well, Happy New Year everyone. And please don't make resolutions you won't keep. I never make them. What's the point of starting a new year by putting pressure on yourself and then...disappointing when you don't follow through..."fuck it" I say! Well, there you go...I spelled out the entire word. Good for me. So take each day as it comes and if you are one to set goals for yourself throughout the year, good on you. That is not the same as making a resolution. It really isn't.

Bright Blessings!


  1. I have only a couple things to say....
    A: Happy New Year,

    2: Fresh lobster is dirt cheap at the Asian market, top of Brown's line or on Dundas

    C:We just watched a documentary on "Bite" called F%*k....hysterical. It addressed your concern here so look it up. I know how you talk so my mind filled in the blanks automatically.

    So have a nice bottle of wine tonight.....I'm sure with your new degree you will have the exactly most perfect choice (to have with the lobster I am sure you will now find) and forget about anything else.......tomorrow is time enough and if not, there is another tomorrow after that. That's the one I'm going to use for my worrying.
    Lurves ya muchly

  2. And a Happy New Year to you. We wanted "fresh just arrived from the coast" lobster like we had last year. There is another fish place near Ikea we will go to called Atlantic something or other.

    Lurves ya muchly back sister