Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Raw Juice Cleanse - Day 1

I am embarking on a 3 day raw juice cleanse or as the people at Raw Juice Guru put its - raw juice FEASTING. The juices are provided by Raw Juice Guru in Toronto. My day's supply is delivered each morning, very early, to my door. Very convenient. However, they cut the delivery close...I was leaving for the office when they arrived at my home.

The protocol is to drink a bottle every 90 minutes to 2 hours. I've also been provided with a tea bag to use and reuse throughout the day. At the moment of posting this I'm not remembering why. I hope this cleanse helps my apparent memory lapses. 😏


7:42 am Juice 1 has:
Cucumber, spinach, parsley, apple, lemon, ginger

The predominant taste is cucumber and then lemon the other flavours blend behind these two. Not a bad taste at all.

9:34 am Juice 2 has:
Grapefruit and ginger

The juice is a perfect blend of grapefruit and ginger. I love ginger.

Leading up to this instalment of juice my digestive system started letting me know it wanted nourishment and soon. The juice immediately abated and soothed my demanding insides. I am very glad of that.

So far, the only thing I have noticed is that I need to pee more frequently.

11:25 am Juice 3 has:
Aloe Vera
I'm really hungry now and its aloe vera time. It comes in a wee bottle.

So I'm hungry and hyper. I'm mostly always hyper anyway so it's not a surprise. I believe I'm very excited about this journey and perhaps a little apprehensive as well.

I'm drinking the roobois tea and glasses of water in between the juice.

12:15pm Juice 4 has:
Fennel, carrot, celery, apple, ginger
I couldn't wait! I'm so hungry! Predominant taste is carrot followed by fennel and then celery. Apple follows closely but ginger isn't apparent.
I should mention my juices are custom to me. I emailed the GURU my specific concerns and they have tailored the juices to those.

2:07pm Juice 5 has:
Watermelon and lemon
I wasn't sure if I'd like this as I'm just not a watermelon fan. However it's tasting ok. I don't have hunger pangs at the moment but do have a slight headache. I'm also a little tired.

It's 2:54 pm and I feel no hunger but a slight lightheaded feeling is apparent.

3:30 pm Juice 6 has:
Not much to report. It tasted as I expected having taken liquid chlorophyll before as a supplement. It's an another wee bottle.

One thing that surprised me today was the number of people who asked if this cleanse caused diarrhea. Ermmmmm, like why do people want to know that? Of all things!!! I suppose I understand. Maybe. Those that have asked seem content when I tell them I will let them know if this happens. They can't comprehend that it's highly likely that my BMs will be of the usual sort. And I can say now...they are. But my workmates will have to wait until tomorrow to found that out. Unless, of course, they read my blog. And I hope they do.

5:00 pm Juice 7 has:
Apple, lemon, celery, beet, kale , ginger
This one is hard to describe. What is odd is that I'm sure I smell cucumber but there is certainly no cucumber taste. Wish there was more ginger taste only because I live it. The lemon is prevalent. The colour is that of the beet. I cannot taste apple.

I'm not feeling hungry and the headache is gone. I spied a lovely avocado in my fridge and looked at it longingly.

I just got and email from Raw Juice Guru updating me on symptoms and another advising me about tongue scraping (I do this anyway) and enema procedures (where to buy and how to do it)

Added note : for some reason I have lost some of what I blogged for day 1. I think it was me that did it accidentally of course. I lost much more but thanks to a dear friend, Charlene, I have some of it back. Turns out she had my blog open on her computer still so she sent me a screen shot! I bloody love her!


  1. Oh my Lori - were people seriously asking about that?! And step away from the avocado!!!!! ;)

    1. Oh yes Jen they did ask about that! Lol! Couldn't believe it.

  2. say no to the avocado lol. Its always funny what people want to know. Eliane

  3. I stayed away Eliane. It was hard to though. Day one complete and I'm smiling. Your juices are awesome!

  4. I think its normal to ask specially if its something people wanna try to help them understand of changes their bodies would go thru as they go along with it..
    After all they read everything else on the blog !

    1. True that. I asked one of them if they expected photos. Lol! Thankfully the answer was no.

  5. Congratulations for embarking on a juice cleanse adventure! I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did :)

    1. Hi Nicole! I am enjoying it! But it's certainly a challenge. I know someone who did it and that in turn made me think I'd give it a whirl. I googled and found your blog! You helped me to decide. So thanks

  6. Hey!!!! Just realized.... this means you're out for gossip Thursday this week for the 2nd week :(

    1. Are you crazy! I will be going! I cannot miss out on our weekly sashimi / gossip Thursday lunch again. I will have gossip without the sashimi (whimpers ever so quietly)

    2. Sashimi is good mmmmm
      I am available Jen....whoops I guess that was today, oh well
      Love that Sashimi
      How did you manage at lunch Lori?
      Guess I am not bringing you any sum-tam next time I see you.
      How long do you cleanse for?

    3. Don, today is my last day. Bring on the som tam dude! I was fine watching Jen and Paul eat....really. Hey! Its long weekend! Hooray!

    4. Don - I'm still waiting for you to show your face one of these days. It's a regular thursday thing so just show up! And Lori - I still can't believe that you went ... I felt bad eating in front of you when you couldn't... obviously not bad enough, but still... hey... and my rip 60 was waiting for me when I got home from physio that night too.... will be trying it out later today - after I finally get back to sleep ;-p

    5. How could I not go Jen! ? I love our Thursday lunches. Oh ! Good! Rip 60! I'm going to review it soon. I've had mine for months and still haven't installed it. Bill is going to do it this Sunday.

    6. I'll be trying it out a little later today ... so if I'm not there on Tuesday, you'll know that I've managed to strangle myself with it ;-p

    7. Please be safe! Omg! That wouldn't be good!

    8. Geez I am going to look out of place with you ripped juiced out girls !
      Ok looking like a visit to the chinese supermarket for all the goods for a sum tam. People have kept mentioning how much they enjoyed it when I let them try it.
      Ok since we all can eat how about lunch next week? Only day bad for me at this point for lunch is Monday...strangely enough.
      text me when a consensu on day is reached by yourselves.
      And enjoy the snow we all seem to have checked in at the same time so I know whats going on right now.
      Oh yeh Lori here's a glass of juice........(blurp).....ha ha ha

  7. I'm drinking a delish coconut and mango juice don. So good!

    I want som tam!!!!!

    I have GOSSIP! I'm so f'ing childish ha ha!