Sunday, 17 February 2013

Raw Juice Cleanse ~ Thoughts

First and foremost....I would do this again. Second,  I would like to incorporate these juices into my daily diet...say one or two a day. Third, I would do this again at a time of year when the seasons change. I mentioned in another post that I've cleansed before (not juice) many times over the years. I've always, or pretty much always done this during a season change.

I never actually meant the posting of my journey to be a plug for Raw Juice Guru however, I have been blown away by the quality of the juices and the customer service. Eliane and team really care and they know what they are about. You can tell they are dedicated to healing people from within.

My juices were customized to me with the concerns I stated. I'm thrilled at the changes in my skin. I have (mentioned already) a slight rosacea issue and the redness is so minimal now. My skin looks and feels hydrated. Although I have worked with my Naturopath to get hot flashes under control and it's been very successful I still had the odd one at night. By the second night of juice feasting I had none! And I had stopped taking my menopausal supplement during this time. Incredible! My energy levels waxed and waned but now at the conclusion of my three day (plus 2) sojourn I have so much energy. And my and quick. It was previously sluggish and foggy (a little)

I won't lie. It's hard not eating solid food and I'm a foodie. A true foodie. I love tastes. Savory, spicy, salty (as in miso soup) and I yearned for lamb vindaloo much of my journey. My foodie mind was in essence torturing me! Damn mind! I'm the person that notices every restaurant when out traveling in the car and I seriously ponder what the food would be like or what delights are on 'their' menu. I'm also discerning. A good foodie almost always is. (that was an ode to my foodiness - such a geek) So, to persevere and stick with the juice was a challenge for me.

When I started this I'd just finished my second bought with the flu. I was still a bit mucousy but nothing serious. On the second day I noticed an increase in the mucous output but by the third this diminished.

Finally, I first heard about Raw Juice Guru from exercise guru extraordinaire Lisa Marie of The Daily HIIT and then read that great review on one of my fav sites Dainty Girl . Her post on her experience made up my mind to go for it.

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