Thursday, 14 February 2013

Raw Juice Cleanse - Day 3

I woke this morning after almost 7 hours of sleep feeling refreshed. 7 hours of sleep is unheard of in my world. I am happy if i get four on a good night. There was a momentary grogginess but that left me in seconds.

So here it is Day 3 already! Wow! I feel good. Quite good. Last nights temptation was raw pumpkin seeds. They are a daily part of my life. I normally start my day with a smoothie. A year ago my Naturopathic doctor, Crystal Ceh, had me incorporate ground seeds into my diet (flax, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame). They go into my smoothie along with fruit (normally dark berries), water or soy milk and protein powder. Nummy! Anyway, starting my day with a juice is not so different.

Leyla was very curious about today's cooler bag full of juices.

7:00 am Juice 1:
Pineapple, kale, celery, ginger
I can taste every ingredient and its simply delish! Maybe my taste buds have improved? Oh, oh! I just thought of lamb vindaloo! No! Get out of my head! (Sunday dinner)

9:10 am Juice 2:
apple, orange, cucumber Predominant taste is most definitely cucumber. Another good juice. I'm hungry right now. My tummy is having a bit of a growl. Now I'm thinking of Miso soup...and I'm doing some serious salivating.

Observation: the bottles of juice I receive each day are full! I mean to the TOP !

11:15 am Juice 3:
Spirulina, apple
Ok. This one tastes a little like barnyard. I mean this in a good way ( I think). The taste reminded me of:
Baa baa with a bit of moo moo thrown in
I like it

No headache at all today so far. Energy level is very good. But I'm still hungryish. I don't have that filmy feeling in my mouth.

12:30 pm Juice 4:
carrots, beets, spinach, lemon, celery
Interesting taste. Can really smell the celery. I'm very hungry now. People all around me are talking about where they are going for lunch. I'm heading out for a non sashimi lunch myself. Just going to enjoy the gossip. There had better be some!

2:15 pm Juice 5:
lemon, filtered water, cayenne pepper, coconut nectar, a bit of turmeric spice
Wow! I wanted vindaloo? This is a spicy juice blend. I like it! I don't know that it would appeal to many though. It's got a great taste. I'm gonna imagine its a spicy ceasar. I still want my vindaloo.

Hunger pangs are gone. No headaches. And I should mention I've had no breakouts on my skin. I'm not prone but worried I'd get a few spots.

3:30 pm Juice 6:

5:00 pm Juice 7:
carrots, beets, spinach, lemon, celery
Love this. But I'm really hungry. Still I feel great other than that. Oh! The hunger is subsiding. Good.

6:40 pm Juice 8
Pineapple, kale, celery, ginger
This is so delicious!

Well, 3 days done. I feel pleased with myself for having persevered. It's hard not to be tempted to eat solid food. But remembering the reasons why I'm doing this helps to ignore those temptations.

I can tell I've lost some weight. How could I not. That was not a goal but I knew that it would be a very probable outcome. I'm probable a size 00 as I type this (depending upon the clothing manufacturer of course).

My skin looks great. Radiant actually. I've been colder than usual. I suppose that is to be expected. My hair looks very good as well. My nails have taken a beating this winter. I've never experienced them being so brittle before, however, they seem to be doing better in just a few days. This is very good since I happened to win a nail polish today. I will blog about this separately once it get the product.

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