Saturday, 9 February 2013

Vibram - it only took me 4 years to decide to purchase

Yes! It's true. It took 4 years of deliberation...reading reviews, getting feedback from friends who took the plunge, to finally make my own purchase. Whew! I'm glad I have.

What will they be used for? I'm not a runner. But I am a fitness enthusiast who enjoys weightlifting and HIIT. I love plyometrics. So, although the Vibrams allow for that natural barefoot experience the pair I chose provides some lateral support. From years of training I know how to land softly and minimize impact.

They are a challenge to get on. But you do get the hang of it. However, I did wish that my toes were more intuitive and found their target spot in the 'finger' area a little easier. Best way to put them on is to have the shoes on the floor and then slowly guide your foot in.

I'm completely happy with this purchase. They feel so good on and are a fab addition to my workouts!

Visit the Vibram Five Fingers to see all the styles for women, men and children. The site provides and in depth explanation for style and intended use. i.e hiking, running, water sports, etc.

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