Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Raw Juice Cleanse - Day 2

The hardest thing I had to deal with yesterday was the smell of my darling cooking himself dinner; chicken fajitas. What a challenge!

I slept fairly well last night. Amazing since one of the possible side effects is difficulty in sleeping. This was a pleasant surprise. I'm a bit of a chronic insomniac.

My juices, which by the way are in 500ml bottles except for the two 'elixirs' taken as serving 3 and 6, are as follows:

Juice 1 - 7:00 am
Cucumber, parsley, kale, cilantro, lemon, apple
Strong cucumber and lemon taste with a hint of cilantro. Very nice.

Juice 2 - 9:00 am
Cantaloupe, honeydew
Although that's what it's suppose to be its not. I think my bottles are mislabeled and the one that says 2 is really 4. So I'm drinking it anyway. It was too late to drink the right one as I'd already opened it and consumed more than half. I can see now that the cantaloupe and honeydew are in the bottle labeled 5 but there are two bottles labelled 5. No 4's in the mix. No worries. I've got it figured out now. So juice 4 is quite good. A mild pleasant taste. I can definitely detect the carrot and cucumber followed by wheatgrass. I feel great! Not as hyper as yesterday. So far.

Juice 3 - 11:00 am
spirulina, pear
Oh! This tasted delish! Yum! Feeling hunger pangs now but that is all. I was at the dentist this morning. Of course have way through getting a filling I had to pee! Thankfully I was able to wait until the dentist was finished.

Now drinking my detox tea.

Juice 4 - 12:00 pm
Carrot, cucumber, beet, celery, wheatgrass, lemon, ginger
This was actually the cantaloupe and honeydew. Very good. I enjoyed it with co-workers in our company cafeteria. The food in our cafe is not often appealing and I wasn't longing for any. I attribute that to being sane and a true, discerning foodie. I will admit I have tortured myself with that food. It's almost always regrettable.

It's 1:08 pm and I have a mild headache and am feeling tired. I'm also noticing a film in my mouth.

Juice 5 - 2:00 pm
Coconut water, celery, cucumber, lemon
Oh! This one is lovely and refreshing. Very nice. I can taste the entire content spectrum.

Juice 6 - 3:00 pm
What can I tastes green and good.

Juice 7 - 4:30 pm
Carrot, cucumber, beet, celery, wheatgrass, lemon, ginger
I'm at home. A bit late in drinking this one as I got stuck in traffic on the way home from the office. I like this juice blend. It's the same as the one I drank as my number 2 bottle of juice that was really meant to be my number 4. I'm definitely tired. I was definitely hungry but as soon as I started to drink the hunger pangs subsided.

Juice 8 - 6:00 pm
Cucumber, parsley. Kale, cilantro, lemon, apple
This is the same ad my first juice of the day. I love it.

So I'm noticing the folks at Raw Juice Guru use a lot of cucumber in my blends. I'm wondering is this because its a cooling herb and possibly good for hot flashes?

It is 7:00 pm and I'm feeling really great. I mean really! Can't wait for tomorrow! Even though this was to be a 3 day cleanse when I placed my 'order' I was told there is a special on and I get the 4th day free. I think this is great today. I will be honest and tell you that yesterday I didn't feel that way. I was unsure if I could stand a 4th day. I know now that I can.

I didn't go into this blindly. I read a lot on it, juice fasting. I've done cleanses before just not the juice sort. One blog that had me convinced I wanted to do it was Dainty Girl
She and her husband both completed a Raw Juice Feast in January. I read other blogs of people juicing the produce themselves to do the same but was a little intrepid when I read there was so much vomiting. I gather they weren't washing the veg and fruit properly. As a matter of fact I am 99.9% sure that was the case.


  1. Those people probably made their drinks too strong with leafy greens. Its a common mistake. You have to start off slow and let your taste buds adjust.
    As for us using cucumber, its amazing for your skin, and hair and many other things. We also use celery a lot as well natural sodium amond it being a cancer fighter.
    Good job and tomorrow no mix up with labels :)
    Raw juice guru

    1. Ah! Well that makes sense. Careful on the leafy stuff. Cucumber is amazing!

  2. Spirulina and pear... love pear too. Sounds good. I might have to rethink my not drinking juice. except that unless it's wine, the occasional beer or lattes I don't want to drink my calories. ok - now that I've written that it sounds stupid - but really I don't have wine or beer (or bear as I typed it the first 2 times) more than once every other week-ish.. the lattes well -what can I say?

    1. Erm...daft? Lol! You gave me a good hearty laugh my friend! This is good juice. Why not join me in the fall for a 3 day cleanse?

    2. I'll contemplate that... after i finish reading your report on day 3 & 4 ;-)

  3. Jen you can read them all now! Ha ha!